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About JCT Landscapes

A Top-Tier Landscaping Service

JCT Landscapes is a newly founded Landscaping Service covering all Outdoor needs. We have 5+ Years experience in the field, and have covered every aspect of Landscaping, whether its for Individual or Commercial needs. We offer one off or recurring visits to fit any customers Garden Maintenance specification, as well as project planning and execution covering Patio's, Decking, Beds, Ponds and Water Features. We offer high quality work with competitive pricing so you know you're in safe hands.

Our Services

What We Offer

Falling Leaves
Lawn Mower Selection Support
Manicured Garden


Garden Maintenance and One off or Regular Lawn Cuts. We cover Patio Refreshment, Garden Care, Fencing and more.

Transform your Green Space

We offer all types of Garden Developments, from Patio's and Decking to Water Features and Flowerbeds. Please contact us with your requests.

Commercial Works

If you have any needs for your businesses premises whether its maintenance or Transformation, please contact us.

Projects & Feedback

Current & Previous Projects

Here is a display of Projects we've taken on


Pond Installation, Holmes Chapel, May 2023

The customer has requested a naturally shaped pond to be installed in their back garden. Grass and soil was removed and measurements taken in preparation for supporting layers and pond liner to be placed down. Rocks placed to demonstrate the size and finished look, as the customer wants a rock border to seperate the pond from the lawn. After having the liner installed, the ponds border set up and water features wired up and installed the project will be finished. In one of the pictures you will see one of our hand made water features awaiting drilling ready for the water pump. This will be the centre piece of the pond so will be beautiful to look at.

An area has been cleared at the back of the pond to make room for a footpath and small flowerbed which will be completed at a later date. The pond will have a border of small stones to fill the gap between rock and grass.

The customer hopes this pond will be a safe place for small amphibians and creatures to inhabit all whilst adding to the beauty of their garden.

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Sandbach, Cheshire


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